The Neuro-Wrap


The Neuro-Wrap from Nushape uses the same wavelengths and power densities used in the most recent groundbreaking studies at Harvard Medical and Boston University School of Medicine showing significant improvement in cognition in mild to moderately severe dementia cases treated with transcranial photobiomodulation.

Published research shows the 40-Hz pulse rate correlates with gamma oscillations within the brain and is associated with activating glial cells- responsible for clearing unwanted protein deposits, and increasing cognitive processing capability and memory consolidation.

Based upon these and other recent groundbreaking studies, we present this wearable neural device, calibrated to the same wavelengths and power densities - for those suffering with Alzheimers, Dementia, PTSD, mental fatigue, memory loss, brain trauma and other cognitive and mood disorders.

Measures 25 inches long. Uses 810nm wavelengths via 144 LEDs pulsed at 10hz and 40hz (the oscillations required for improved memory consolidation, mood, cognitive function, and general brain health).  


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