Doctors Review

Doctors Review

“I recommend Nushape to my clients and they have results. I use it on myself and it definitely works!”

Dr. Frank Kaden, South Bay Bodysculpting, Redondo Beach, CA

Doctors Review

“Hi Jennifer, I just want to inform you how much I love your product and will be ordering another one today. I only ordered one to see how well your lights worked. Your lights intensity are just as strong as the lights in spas and cosmetic offices. Thank you so much for Your awesome customer service.”

Dr. Karen Cooper

Doctors Review

It works for my clients, I use it on myself. It definitely works!

Dr. Kaden, South Beach Chiropractic, Redondo

Doctors Review

The clients who come in for your light therapy love the results.

Dr. Emilia Cabrera, Miami

Doctors Review

At first I was skeptical, but I was willing to try anything just to relieve my arthritis. I am off of my medication because I am having issues with my kidney. This treatment helped me big time. Thank you. This changed everything for me.

B. Hensley

Doctors Review

We can’t go a day without it, my husband and I both!

Marissa T, NY

Doctors Review

Red light LED treatment is amazing. I was suffering from arthritis and no other treatments worked, leaving me in pain every day. Red light lifted the pain after the first week, noticeably better after the first application! So far I can say this is changing my life.

Paul, CA



I have been using the neurowrap light therapy head wrap at the recommendation of neurologist after having tbi in auto accident. It was recommended to help repair brain tissue that was damaged. I was having severe issues including headaches, short term memory issues and confusion just to make a few of the things that were going on with me. I have been using this for about 6 weeks now in addition to the therapy I am doing in office and I am seeing wonderful results. My confusion is clearing, as well as the headaches being fewer and farther between. Thank goodness!! I am so happy to have this tool and have been sharing with everyone. I highly recommend it and have seen a huge difference in my depression over the incident. I am feeling much better and look forward to hearing completely with the help of my neurowrap. So happy to have found it

Dr Melissa

I own a spa studio, and I’ve been using the Lipo belt It’s a treatment enhancer for my radio frequency treatments and also for my cavitation. I’ve seen incredible results of around 4 to 5 inches removed on my clients per session. I also have the Neuro Belt, I have been conducting my own little study for my clients who are suffering from various conditions, for example sleeping issues, anxiety, depression, also for other problems like feeling unhappy, just feeling down, so results are so far incredible, after just three sessions per week my clients report various improvements in their conditions. I love my clients have a positive outcome after just three sessions, many felt a difference after just one session, Like improved sleep and feeling just better. I own two Lipo belts and two Neuro Belts.

Andrea Hardy

We have been doing trials on ourselves and already have good consistent results noted with the NeuroWrap. I actually recommended the NeuroWrap to three patients yesterday, I’ve seen consistent benefits re: sleep and they’re all having that issue too. I have a two year old getting us up frequently at night - it helps me more readily get back to sleep after such interruptions.

Dr. Eric Wood, Naturapathic Physician
Florida, USA.

One session eliminated all symptoms.

As a previous TBI patient, finding something that works quickly to eliminate TBI symptoms of anger, loss of concentration and personality changes and has no side effects has been impossible. Then I found the Neuro Wrap. And sure enough, I hit my head once again…but this time used the red light therapy. One session eliminated all symptoms… no reappearance of symptoms for over 2 weeks now. Highly recommend this tool for wellness, emergencies, and of course TBI at-home use to heal the brain.

Dr. Donna Schwontkowski (ret. D.C.), M.S. Nutrition
Master’s in Herbology

Increased physical and mental energy

I suffer from insomnia and sleep apnea, so it’s hard for me to fall asleep and I wake up several times throughout the night, leaving me with neither enough sleep or a deep sleep.
After the first day of trying red light therapy I experienced more restful sleep and felt more alert upon waking. I also noticed increased physical and mental energy and endurance, resulting in improved productivity and brain function throughout my work day.

- Dr. Jonathan Levy, General Practitioner
Barcelona, Spain

I Tried it 14 Days of Light Therapy | Nushape Lipo Wrap

New month, new goals with Nushape

Customer Success

Debbie, NZ

“I’ve been using this religiously for 2.5 months and the proof is in the pictures. I cannot get over how well this wrap works, it blows my mind"

Debbie, NZ before Debbie, NZ after
Gloria, CA

"I’ve had only one red light body sculpting session so far and am amazed that the cellulite in my saddlebags has almost completely disappeared."

Gloria, CA before Gloria, CA after
Stephanie, AZ

"I love this thing!! I was losing hope before my Nushape! After my third session I bought another one"

Stephanie, AZ before Stephanie, AZ after
Rochelle, CT

"My Lipo Wrap has made this whole process so much easier, so much faster. I lost 4 inches the very first week."

Rochelle, CT before Rochelle, CT after

“The first in at home laser lipo”

“Lose 2-3 inches of fat this week”

“Nushape the N.1 in Red Light Therapy”

“This is legit”

“The only device like it on the Market”


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