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Our Red-Light Phototherapy wrap is a revolutionary home-use treatment with an advanced 635nm-wave Red-Light Phototherapy technology , the same used in professional med-spa and weight loss clinics, but in a portable belt you can use from the comfort of your home for a fraction of the cost.

Simply apply to your area of choice and relax while a whopping 600 clinical strength LED diodes with red and near-infrared wavelengths drain toxins from fat cells, burn calories, rev your metabolism and increase ATP production, resulting in a healthier, slimmer you.

Some of the many benefits of red light therapy that you can now achieve while sleeping in on a Sunday include:

• Fast and effective lipolysis of the fat cells for fat loss and detoxification.
• Reduction of the appearance of cellulite.
• Recovery from workouts in half the time.
• Increased collagen formation for skin rejuvenation.
• Decreased inflammation.
• Boosted lymphatic drainage.


The Nushape Lipo Wrap is an incredible way to effectively lose weight at home. But this medical marvel is so much more than an alternative to liposuction! Discover more about its other amazing health and healing benefits.

Lose weight – while you’re relaxing!

No matter how hard you try, often it’s hard to shift fat from stubborn areas. Science shows poor blood flow can be responsible. The Nushape Lipo Wrap’s 635nm red light waves both increase circulation, and most impressively, trigger the release of fatty acids from fat tissue. This is called lipolysis, draining toxins out of the cell in a safe way. The result is effective, spa technology weight loss, all from the comfort of your own home.

Non-invasive and EMF-free

No needles and no knives! Unlike many other weight loss treatments, the Nushape Lipo Wrap is non-invasive and surgery-free. Its advanced 635nm wavelengths are safe and EMF-free, and have been FDA-approved for circumferential inch loss.

Faster post-workout recovery

By using the Nushape Lipo Wrap before and after you hit the gym, its red light waves increase blood flow to your muscles and increase the production of antioxidants while releasing nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a short lived gas that relaxes blood vessels, increases blood flow to nerves and other tissues for accelerated muscle recovery and reduced soreness. You’ll experience less fatigue and spring back from intense workouts in as little as half the time as without light therapy.

Muscle growth & performance

There are now hundreds of studies proving how red light therapy benefits athletes and provides them with an extra edge. By improving the function of existing mitochondria and stimulating new mitochondria, energy increases and so do gains from your workout. A study from the European Journal of Applied Physiology showed muscle thickness and strength were improved over 50% in participants using light therapy in conjunction with working out. 

Reduces the appearance of cellulite

Because the Nushape Lipo Wrap boosts lymphatic drainage and stimulates blood flow, it’s also effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Decreases inflammation & relieves pain

Excessive long-term inflammation can lead to serious health issues. The Nushape Lipo Wrap reduces muscle inflammation and promotes the synthesis of proteins, and speeds healing by the following mechanisms: 

- Donates photons and electrons to the injured tissues and weak cells of the body, which supports the production of ATP (energy) that is needed by cells to carry out their duties.

- Reduces pain by causing the production of natural pain killer endorphins.

- Reduces inflammation by suppressing inflammatory enzymes that create swelling, redness, pain, and heat and enhance the release of anti- inflammatory enzymes.

- Enhances the process of nerve regeneration and muscle relaxation.

- Enhances lymphatic drainage, which increases circulation, reduces edema and speeds healing.

- Releases tight muscles (both smooth and striated) that create chronic pain, joint problems, and decreased mobility.

- Speeds bone repair by stimulating fibroblastic and osteoblastic proliferation.

- Increased cellular regeneration, collagen production, vasodilation, cell metabolism, cell membrane potential, microcirculation and increased tissue repair all contribute to not only masking the pain, but speeding up true healing.


- Made with soft, comfortable neoprene for comfortable wear-anywhere use.

- Lipo Wrap measures 51 inches length with optional extender straps if a longer length is needed.

- LED treatment panel measures 5 x 20 inches and contains 600 high-powered LEDs in both 850nm and 635nm waves.

- The LED treatment array is held within a zippered pocket and is easily removable before washing the wrap.

The Nushape Lipo Wrap offers unparalleled performance as the number one liposuction alternative without medical oversight. Nushape is THE ORIGINAL wearable light therapy.  Our breakthrough Nushape Lipo Wrap launched in 2016 as the first device of it's kind - before most people had heard of Red Light Therapy. Often imitated, never duplicated - try it for yourself risk free. We stand by our product... your purchase comes with a no questions asked money back guarantee, so the only thing you have to lose is fat!

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WRAP YOU IN with benefits

Since red and near-infrared light promotes and enhances blood circulation and the release of fatty acids from fat cells, it may very well be the best and most effective method to get rid of stubborn fat cellulite. Pairing exercise with red light therapy is one of the most effective ways to reduce body fat and cellulite.

Muscle Gain,
Performance & Recovery

Red Light therapy treatments have several mechanisms of action on muscle cells, like improvement in cellular ATP energy synthesis, glycogen synthesis, oxidative stress reduction, protection against exercise induced-muscle damage, and the addition of new myonuclei supporting muscle hypertrophy. Light therapy's beneficial effects may improve physical performance and enhance post-exercise recovery.


The study showed that along with red light therapy, there was a significant positive change in many participants thyroid antibodies, fewer inflammatory cells and white blood cells, less overall thyroid damage, as well as normalization of the size of the thyroid gland.

Fat Loss

Clinical research and the accounts of many health experts show that red light therapy can be an effective, safe, and natural treatment for weight loss and fat reduction, as well as an efficacious method of body contouring and cosmetic improvement. Following the recommended protocol will help you flush out the released waste from your body, so it will not be reabsorbed by the fat cells


“The first in at home laser lipo”

“Lose 2-3 inches of fat this week”

“Nushape the N.1 in Red Light Therapy”

“This is legit”

“The only device like it on the Market”

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