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Why did you charge my card if you can’t ship it immediately?

The reason we charge in advance is because our system doesn't hold credit card details - we don't have a way of authorizing a card and charging it at a later date. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience but unfortunately in the instance that you’re not comfortable with us taking payment before shipment (and waiting up to three weeks for delivery), the only option is to cancel your order for a full prompt refund. You can always order at a later date when we have more inventory available, but right now we’ve had a hard time keeping it in stock and on the shelves. We're sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience - we hate waiting too! 

Why is my order late?

Recent orders are being processed with a 2-3 week wait time from the time of order. We're sorry for the delay but are doing our best to get your order out to you as fast as possible. If you've waited three weeks and still haven't received a tracking number, please contact us with your order number for immediate assistance.

I received tracking but I don't see it moving yet

Once in a while our shipping software will issue a tracking number prematurely. Once in a while our shipping center will have a small delay between when the shipping label was created and when the shipping carrier has come to pick it up and scan it. If your tracking number hasn't been updated since receiving notification please allow 2 business days as it is generally just off to a slow start.

My order tracking says delivered, but I never saw it!

We recommend first calling Fedex or USPS with your tracking number to locate your package. Then asking your neighbors and family members if they've seen it... and if it still hasn't appeared please contact us and we will help find a solution!

When will my order arrive?

February 5th Update - We are waiting on inventory to arrive from the factory to our shipping center so we can dispatch your order. Please allow up to 3 weeks from the date of purchase to receive your order.

Where is my order shipping from?

We ship most orders from our Vermont or Pennsylvania shipping centers. Some orders also go out direct from our factory. We are a family owned Vermont company with our primary shipping center and office in Vermont. However our factory is still in China. We understand that some of you want an American made product only, however the price of our best selling Lipo Wrap would be closer to $2000.00 USD if we made it in the USA. We have tried. It is imperative to our mission that our products be affordable to the home user in order to get this technology into the home. We believe in our mission and as much as we'd prefer to manufacture in America, it's simply not possible at this time.

Thank you for your understanding.


How long should I use it for? When? I got my order but I don’t know how long or on which body parts I can use it?

The time indicated in your instruction book is your starting point. Extend if needed.

Red light can effectively be used on every part of the body where unwanted fat deposits exist, including the waist, hips, upper thighs, neck, and arms. Most people aim for around 50 minutes a day if they're treating a few areas.


10 mins: mid section (stomach)

20 mins: hips

20 mins: arms

After every 20 minute session, the LED wrap must be switched off to cool down. If instructions are not followed correctly your wrap could malfunction.

Most people experience the best results using it earlier in the day and close to the time when they work out or are most active. Make sure you follow fat loss protocol for best results>

How do I treat my face? Can I use it for wrinkles and fat loss too?

Yes. To treat your face or any area of the body - you just apply the wrap over the skin and start with the treatment times in the chart included with your wrap. If for fat loss, aim for around ten minutes and follow fat loss protocol. If for rejuvenation and anti-aging, use for 6 mins at a time. We recommend using for wrinkles and anti-aging on days that you're not following fat loss protocol, as generally it's best to keep the volume in the face for plumping wrinkles and fine lines. 

I received The Lipo Wrap, What can I do to lose fat as fast as possible?

To maximize results, follow fat loss protocol. Check our fat loss protocol on the blog here> 

Can I use my wrap while exercising?

Absolutely, if it's comfortable for you to do your exercise while wearing the wrap there is no reason not to. Many people like to use it in conjunction with a vibration plate and do both at once.

Can I use my wrap while I'm trying other fat loss treatments?

You certainly can. However we highly recommend following the fat loss protocol to support your success and adding a liver supplement like milk thistle for example, so as not to strain your liver.

I got my wrap but there was no battery included in the box?

All of our wraps come standard with the device and an adapter. The battery pack is an optional feature available for purchase in our online shop.

Can you send me the book?

You can download a copy of the book for free, please request this below with customer service.

I'd like a refund, how do I return my wrap?

Please follow the return instruction provided in our terms and conditions.

I love my wrap and would like to order more, can I get a discount for me, and my family and friends?

As an existing customer, we would love to help you with a loyalty discount on another purchase for yourself or your friends and family. We also have an affiliate program :) Please submit the form below and let us know what you're interested in!

Something isn't right with my wrap. I think it's the adapter or controller.  Can I get a replacement part?

Of course. Our wraps carry a one year warranty. If something needs replacing we will issue a new part to fix the problem. The light board, the controller, the adapter, and the battery packs are all covered under our warranty. Just contact us and we'll be happy to help!

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