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The Nushape Power Bank provides portable power for your active lifestyle, and can be used while exercising, cooking or even on a brisk walk!

The latest model of the Nushape Power Bank is the better way to power your wrap. This device is a much more user-friendly option preventing any potential headaches and offering a longer lifespan and performance between charges. Our power bank is an essential item for those who have a dynamic schedule, travel often or in transit.

Just toss our sleek portable device in your bag to use your wrap at anytime and anyplace. The Nushape Power Bank is 9 oz and lasts for up to 120 minutes before recharging. With the addition of this power bank to your Nushape collection, you no longer need to keep your wrap plugged directly to an outlet and can enjoy this wireless option while on the go!

The Nushape Power Bank powers our collection of Wraps, excluding the Sauna Wrap.

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