Yes, LED near and infrared light therapy is non-invasive and you can use most red light therapy products as often as you'd like. That said, keep in mind that most conditions won't require more than 3x a week. However red light therapy doesn't carry side effects and is a safe, non-invasive treatment. So ultimately how often to use red light therapy will be up to you!

How often to use red light therapy for weight loss?

For fat loss we recommend using red light therapy three times a week for best results, and then as needed for maintenance sessions.

How often to use red light therapy for skin rejuvenation?

LED Light therapy for skin typically needs at least 3 times a week, at the start of your red light therapy treatment, and then once weekly for maintenance. 

How often to use red light therapy for wound repair & skin healing?

Three times a week is recommended.

How often to use red light therapy for pain relief & inflammation?

Generally three times a week is recommended, but for ongoing work related stress it can be used daily.

How often to use red light therapy for cognitive health?

For general cognitive health, mood and memory, five times a week is recommended for a more intense treatment, but you can also use it as needed.

How often to use red light therapy for depression?

Studies show depression was responsive to being treated two times a week.

How often to use red light therapy for anxiety?

Also two times a week.

Thyroid Health?

Two to five times per week for 6 weeks, then re-test.

Immune Support?

Three times per week.


2-5X per week.

Please download the guide for more information on additional conditions, treatment times, and length of each treatment. These dosage recommendations are based on our therapy and lipo wrap products, at 37 joules per CM2. Other products will require different times.

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