The Therapy Wrap Mini from Nushape features the same high powered technology as The Nushape Therapy Wrap, in a smaller size. Perfect for elbow, wrist, knee and ankle pain, or use on the face to stimulate collagen and ease wrinkles and fine lines.

A professional-grade device, the Therapy Mini is calibrated to reduce inflammation, provide cellular repair, improve mitochondrial activity, and boost collagen in minutes. It has clinically proven light waves in 850nm and 660nm working via a treatment panel with 160 LEDs powered at 40hz.

The Therapy Mini wraps around joints and smaller body parts, and well as performs facial treatments using the combined power of 660nm and 850nm waves.

Hundreds of scientific studies have shown these two wavelengths can help:

Soothe sore muscles

Ease chronic pain

Relieve mild to medium arthritis

Reduce inflammation

Treat wrinkles, age spots, acne and other blemishes

The wavelengths operate at a power density of 37 joules per cm2, reaching deep layers of the skin to stimulate cellular repair and increase circulation, promoting a more vibrant, youthful complexion. Near-infrared light deeply penetrates and causes thermal effects to increase tissue temperature, promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism, and improve cell viability and regenerative capacity. The healing of scars, wounds, cuts, and nerve damage is vastly accelerated.

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