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The NeuroWrap Pulse uses effective frequencies in an easy-to-use, totally non-invasive head wrap - combining two therapies in one home treatment. The NeuroWrap Pulse features a built-in battery and control panel, making it truly wearable on-the-go. In addition to all the benefits of...
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What is PEMF?

PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic fields, which employs advanced technology to boost and exercise cells to address cellular dysfunctions and promote global wellness. Think of your cells as batteries that could slowly be drained of energy, making you feel tired at the end of the day... that's when PEMF comes in to produce natural energy to keep your mind and body functioning more effectively!

What does PEMF do?

PEMF has a variety of benefits on a physical, psychological and cognitive level. This therapy can assist in managing different conditions, from depression to chronic pain. This being said, depending on the condition needed to be treated, a different frequency can be used. Besides using it to treat a disorder , it can also be used to enhance cognitive functions and promote well-being.

What are hertz (Hz)?

The hertz (Hz) stands for cycles per second, in other words, the pulses. This being said, slow pulses are meant to decrease the nerve sensitivity by reducing the production of Brinkin lucitrin, which is responsible for the transmission of pain signals. Mid range pulses are meant to stimulate endorphin production, which are responsible for stress and pain relief. Finally, intense pulses stimulate mitosis (creating new cells) and cellular repair.

Why do we add pulsing to our red light therapy devices?

The three main reasons we add pulsing in our devices is firstly, it allows the decrease of tissue heating, secondly, it induces brainwave entrainment, which has its own special benefits.

Thirdly, and on a more general note, using RLT with 10-40Hz allows to increase cerebral blood flow, ATP (energy) production, brain repair & neuroprotection and reduce inflammation.

In general, these frequencies are able to resonate with intrinsic brain rhythms and most importantly, improve overall brain function.

What is the difference between 10Hz and 40Hz?
  • 10Hz Alpha rhythm: This frequency is very much like the alpha neural brain waves. Alpha waves are linked to the alpha state of the brain, which promotes learning, mental coordination, and mindfulness.
  • 40Hz Gamma rhythm: This particular treatment is proven to increase dopamine and serotonin. It can also lead to improvement in how the mitochondria in your cells function, which can make an individual feel more energetic. This is because the mitochondria of the cells produce energy.
Can I use the NeuroWrap Pulse while it is charging?

No, you have to wait for your NeuroWrap Pulse to be charged and unplugged from an outlet to use it. Nevertheless, you can still purchase our Power Bank, which is safe to use while using the NeuroWrap Pulse.

Can I use the red light therapy even if I have sensitive skin?

Red light therapy can be used on all skin types and tones. However, we recommend consulting your physician if you have doubts.

Can red light therapy absorb into the brain?

Red light penetrates the skull and reaches the brain cells, which allows the mitochondria to generate more ATP.

How does red light therapy help with brain health?

Red light therapy works on a cellular level. Red light therapy is directed towards the mitochondria. A cellular respiration action is initiated when red light reaches the mitochondria. The outcome of this process is the generation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). In other words it starts a series of chemical reactions that break down glucose to produce ATP, which may be used as energy to power many reactions throughoutthe body. Same as when we use gasoline as fuel to make our car move, our brain uses ATP. ATP supplies everything we do. The more ATP available, the more energy can be generated in our cells, and therefore increase the energy available to both restore and treat damaged cells. If our brain is able to generate additional ATP, our brain cells will be capableof functioning more efficiently.

How is the NeuroWrap Pulse different from the NeuroWrap?

The NeuroWrap only offers red light and near-infrared light therapy, which we recommend to all the people who have any condition that could be contraindicated when it comes to the use of PEMF. The NeuroWrap Pulse offers a combination of settings combining pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) and red light therapy.

How often can I use the NeuroWrap Pulse?

You can use the NeuroWrap Pulse twice a day, but we recommend using it only once a day! For the most effective results, try using it at least 4 times per week!

How long is a typical treatment?

All treatments last 20 minutes. Your NeuroWrap Pulse will turn off directly after the treatment is completed!

How long does it take for red light therapy to work?

Well, again, the body is complex and every body is different, so there is no exact answer but chances are you will see changes between 24 hours and 2 months after you start using red light therapy. There are many factors to consider, such as the specific condition being treated, its severity and frequency of your use of red light therapy!

Should I wear eye-safety goggles while using the NeuroWrap Pulse?

It is not necessary to wear eye-safety goggles while using the NeuroWrap Pulse as the device is intended to be placed over your forehead and won’t be in contact with your eyes.

What time of the day can I use the NeuroWrap Pulse?

You can use the NeuroWrap Pulse at any time of the day, whenever you want! We recommend that you make sure you are in a nice comfortable position and in a relaxed environment to enjoy the experience fully!

What are the contraindications of the NeuroWrap Pulse?

Despite the fact that there are no, known side effects (to this day), there are a few contraindications that you should be aware of before using the NeuroWrap Pulse such as active cancer, acute viral diseases, infections, tuberculosis, pregnancy, cardiomyopathy, magnetisable prosthesis, neurological diseases with seizures and epilepsy, active bleeding, psychoses, organic atherosclerosis, juvenile diabetes, severe arrhythmias and pacemakers. Also not recommended for those with photo-allergy, steroid or cortisone intake, and ongoing treatments causing light sensitivity.

If you want to know why these are states of contraindication, please visit our website contraindications for the NeuroWrap Pulse to learn more about these conditions!

What are the safety warnings of the NeuroWrap Pulse?

Do not use the NeuroWrap Pulse while it is plugged, while driving, walking down the street, cooking or anything that requires your full attention! The NeuroWrap Pulse is intended to be used in a properly seated position indoors, and in a relaxed setting.

We absolutely do not recommend using it on wet hair or the face, on eyes, breasts and sexual organs.

What if I get a headache after using the NeuroWrap?

You want to start slowly and progress steadily, maybe with 8-10 minutes of treatment for beginners, and ALWAYS drink a glass of water before and after each treatment because the headache may be a sign of dehydration!

Can I use the NeuroWrap Pulse while driving?

Absolutely not. We do not recommend using any of our devices while driving, cooking or walking. Our devices are meant to be used in comfortable and relaxing contexts, particularly for at-home use during your down time.

Can I use the NeuroWrap Pulse after botox injections in my forehead?

It is generally recommended to wait two weeks after the injections before starting the therapy. If you have any doubts, consult your doctor.

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WRAP YOU IN with benefits

The number of brain diseases that could be treated today with photobiomodulation has widely increased. These brain diseases include neurotrauma, neuropsy-chiatric disorders, and neuro-degenerative diseases. photobio-modulation is a practical treatment option for central nervous system (CNS) disorders.

Cognitive Wellness

Our brain is a flexible organ in the sense that it is constantly adapting. How could we keep our brains healthy and in good shape? To be cognitively fit, we must work on building our cognitive reserve. And while genetics determine the health of our brain, there are things we can do to enhance our cerebral health and cognitive fitness.

Creativity and focus

Most people know the importance of sleep and know when we're not getting enough: we may experience increased irritability, lack of mental focus, trouble recalling details, etc. Proper sleep is not just essential for overall health and well-being, but it can also stimulate creativity!

well-being and meditation

PEMF therapy and RLT, used for psychological well-being, have been proven successful in reducing brain fog, mood improvement, and even in the treatment of depression. The application of PEMF improves circulation and modifies neurochemical disturbances. The outcome is a more balanced hormonal and respiratory cell response.


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