I've heard of laser lipo, ultrasound cavitation and freezing fat with crypolisis. How does Nushape compare to other technologies for fat loss?

The main difference is The Nushape Lipo Wrap treats a larger treatment area with 600 diodes consistently working over the entire area during the treatment, with the added benefit of infrared heat to increase results, something lacking in other treatments. Results can be seen as early as the first treatment, as opposed to weeks of regular treatments with other competing technologies. With the Nushape Lipo-Wrap, because you own it, maintenance sessions won't cost a thing, so you can use it as often as needed for desired results.

How can red light slim the body?

The unique wavelength of light emitted from the LED diodes reaches the fat layer and causes the membranes of the fat cells to temporarily alter the permeability of the cell wall. While under the red light the fat cell wall opens, dispelling contents from within the cell out into the interstitial layer. The fat is broken down into free fatty acids and glycerol and enters the bloodstream where the body can use it as fuel, or eliminate it naturally in stool and urine via the lymphatic system and liver.

Do some people respond better than others?

Yes. Those with a higher metabolic rate are able to excrete the fat cell contents more quickly and efficiently. Results are seen within 24 hours or less, but please allow up to 3 days for the full effect of the session to be achieved, depending on your body.

Are there side effects?

Red light therapy is entirely non-invasive with the only side effects being more even skin tone, firmer skin, smoothed lines and faded stretch marks due to increased collagen production- all positive "side effects" to red light LED in 635nm and 660nm waves. Based on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for medical devices, NUSHAPE is categorized as a "non-significant risk" product under low level light therapy. It is is designed for weight management and assists to improve physical fitness and weight loss goals.

Do I have to follow a diet?

No changes are required, however better results will be achieved if you reduce your caloric intake and increase water consumption. Please also note that alcohol can impede your results, as the liver will treat alcohol as a toxin and stop processing the released fat to prioritize the alcohol.

What happens to the fat cells?

The fat cells treated will shrink to a fraction of their original size but are not damaged or destroyed as in some other lipo-alternatives.

How much fat loss can be expected?

For professional in-spa/office treatments, it is not uncommon for one to two inches in the first hour when protocol is followed (we ask that you increase water intake, eat primarily low fat, low carb foods as well as refrain from drinking alcohol for 24 hours before and after the treatment). If you are using a portable treatment wrap and using red light therapy at home, it will depend on your activity level, alcohol intake, and diet, but you can expect a similar effect, at a slightly slower rate (fewer areas can be treated in a session using our wrap as can be treated with a professional, where the entire body can be treated in just an hour).

How long will the results last?

Those who maintain their weight with a good lifestyle should enjoy their results indefinitely. Of course improvements will be lost or maintenance sessions will be required to keep results should you not keep a healthy diet and exercise routine, and into unhealthy habits.

Will red light therapy work for obese people?

Yes, although more sessions will be required proportionately to how much fat a client is seeking to lose. No matter the size the treatment will target fat in the underlying tissue and help shrink the volume treated areas immediately.

What area of the body can be treated?

Red light can effectively be used on every part of the body where unwanted fat deposits exist, including the waist, hips, upper thighs and upper arms.

Do I have to exercise?

Each time red light is used for slimming you should follow treatment with 10 minutes on a vibration plate or 20 minutes of light cardio to stimulate the lymphatic system and help burn the fat that has been released.

Are there any contraindications?

Lipo-alternatives should not be used by pregnant women or individuals with active cancer. When the light empties the cell, the liver causes fatty acids and triglycerides to be voided from the body, a process in which the liver plays a critical role. For this reason any individuals with compromised liver or kidney function should not undergo red light therapy for slimming purposes.
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