• Fat loss

    Losing Fat Faster with 635nm Waves Ultrasound cavitation, slimming herbal wraps, vitamin / lipolysis injections that supposedly dissolved fat - the list goes on. There are many lipo-alternatives but light therapy is the only truly non- invasive method of fat loss, with the most user friendly treatment process and zero downtime. Red light waves really broke new ground in the world of fat loss...
  • Boost Your Immunity With Red Light and Infrared Therapy

    Boost Your Immunity With Red Light and Infrared Therapy Our immune systems work hard every day to keep us healthy but sometimes they could use a little bit of help. If you’re out there in the world every day, you’re exposed to millions of teeny tiny little germs that have the potential to make you sick. In today’s climate, while the novel coronavirus seems...
Nushape exists to develop top-tier, industry-leading LED light therapy devices for photobiomodulation. Implementation of specific wavelengths of LED light can effectively enhance bodily processes by improving mitochondrial health, ATP production; ultimately aiding the cellular ability to work faster, stronger.
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